Shout Out to Steph and Alex!

   Next weekend my friends Steph and Alex are getting married so I'm writing this post to congratulate them. Steph and I have been DZ sisters since April of '04. Steph is one of the kindest, smartest, and most hardworking people I have ever met. She's been a great friend over the years and has continued to be supportive and encouraging during the time that I've been here, despite her very busy life.  Alex is a great guy as well, and the two of them definitely deserve each other. I got to meet Alex when Steph brought him to Boston to visit a few years ago when I lived in Somerville. The three of us walked the entire Freedom Trail together. Not only was it a fun day, but I could see right away how great Steph and Alex are together.
Steph and Alex, I'm sad that I will not be there to celebrate your special day with you, but I'll be thinking of you here and raising a glass in your honor. I know you will have a wonderful wedding day and future together. <3 -Shep

I've been here a long time...

   A few days ago I wrote about how quickly time seems to be passing. That was a few days ago. For the past couple of days it feels like I have been here for an eternity. I'm missing my family and friends at home, my dogs, my hometown, and America. I want nothing more in this moment to hug my parents and little brother and sit and eat a meal with them. I can't believe it has been over 14 months since I have seen them. I'm cold, sad, and I want a hug.
   The main reason why I'm choosing to write about this is that it is a good example of the PC roller coaster. A few days ago I felt great and was experiencing one of my highest moments here. Now, in this moment, I'm dealing with one of my lowest. It is just the way PC service works. I've been here at this point before though, and I know I'll get through it. My work here is not done. I'll bundle up and deal with another freezing winter, sweat through another summer, ride many more crowded buses, experience more laughter and more tears, hang out with more funny/adorable children, and make many more memories.
*Giant Deep Breath*


Where has the time gone?

   It is June, which means I have less than a year left of my service. Bots9s are completing their service and leaving this week ( which is so very weird). Bots12s, who are in training, will swear in as volunteers in a week. I spent all of last week with the Bots12s as a member of the volunteer support network, PSDN,which was a lot of fun. My MST (Mid Service Training) is in a couple of weeks so I've been busy planning projects and working with my PACT clubs before I'm out of my village that week for medical appointments and training. I'm working on planning a GLOW (Guys Leading Our World) Day for the boys at the JSS in my village and nearby villages that will hopefully take place in late August. There is a long school break in July so between my being gone for training in the middle of this month and the school break, I really need to begin to get things organized for that now. I've also been busy getting some things ready for a GLOW camp for JSS girls that will take place in Moshupa like getting applications out to my students and getting parental permission slips translated into Setswana. Being at this point of my service feels both comforting and a little scary at the same time. I feel very comfortable here, and there is very little that surprises me these day, and that makes me feel safe and at home here. However, the fact that time is flying by so quickly is slightly horrifying! A month passes with the blink of an eye now, and there is so much more that I want to do here.