I just received my placement invitation via email!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!  I'm going to Sub-Saharan Africa and leaving early to mid-April!!!!! I will be receiving a copy of the invite via regular mail in the next week, along with more detail about the trip I'll be going on. I've been waiting for a few weeks now since I received notification of my medical clearance so it is a huge relief to know that I'm officially invited and going to a region that I've been hoping to go to. I'm also glad that I have some more time to prepare since I was potentially going to be leaving in January. This means getting to celebrate my birthday and some friends' and family members' birthdays before I go. It also means more time to save money, determine what I'm bringing, and  review my AIDS education info some more before I go and maybe even learn some French. I'm also sure I will be very ready to get out of Maine by April when the snow is still melting here.