Waiting is such a huge part of the PC process. The medical component  has been the most stressful and time consuming. I've now been  notfied that the PC has all of my medical informtion, and as of right now, they do not need anything else from me. Later on I will need to get more vaccinations, and I may need more tests depending on where I am going. For now it is a huge relief to know that all of my paper work is finished!.
   I'm waiting to hear back about my location and when I'll be going, which is very exciting. I feel very distracted right now. I'm hoping to go kind of soon, but not too soon because I want to have time to save up more money and say goodbyes. 
   When I was a kid my parents would get calls from school saying that I seemed distracted or spacey during the holidays because I was so excited for Christmas that I wouldn't pay attention in class. I feel like that 7 year old kid again. I do not do well with waiting for news so it is actually kind of amazing that I've been able to function at all the past several months.
Hopefully, I'll be posting about my assignment soon.


a dream

   Ever since I was 14 and read the book The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsover, I have wanted to travel somewhere else in the world as a volunteer. Anyone who has ever read that book may think that is strange since the story involves a lot of grief and danger. Something about experiencing a new place and that kind of self-sacrafice appealed to me though. I read Peace Corps stories for years after, but I never felt confident enough to actually begin the application process.
   I decide to go for this dream in May. I had worked at a residential treatment center for over 2 years, and  I needed a change. I loved the experience of working there and wouldn't change anything about it, but felt like I was in a rut. At the end of a very difficult week at work, I spent a lot of time reflecting back on some of the experiences I had over the past couple of years and that I had endured. I realized that I was capable of going for my Peace Corps dream, and I just needed to make the decision to try. No more worrying that I wouldn't make it. No more feeling guilty about wanting this for myself.
   It is strange to think that one decision can be so life changing. I'm now very grateful for that difficult week because it was the final catalyst that lead me to go for my dream.